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Forestry Mulching

What Is Forestry Mulching?

 Forestry mulching is taking down underbrush and normally smaller trees up to about 5" in diameter. (In some areas this is known as forestry mowing.) Mulching cuts or tears underbrush and trees into small sticks or chips that is manageable by racking, burning or just leaving to decay back into the soil. This is somewhat similar to bush hogging weeds and small bushes. The underbrush is taken down to the ground, normally leaving the stubble low and feathered so it can be immediately walked on and driven on. Trees are mulched down close to the ground leaving a very low stump.​ 

Why Forestry Mulching?


 The trackhoe can mulch areas that a skid steer can not navigate as: banks, levies, ditch and some wet areas. Another advantage is the trachoe cuts from higher in the vegetation down toward the ground and not from the ground up. This allows the operator better control and visibility. Also more of what will be non=supported limbs and small trees from above that will become over hangers in the road or trail can be taken down. 


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