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Forestry Mulching Services


Benefits to mulching:

  • Safe for the environment,
  • Leaves top soil intact,
  • Doesn't damage roots to trees
  • ​Increases the value of the land

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Some of our Work In Action

 The trackhoe can mulch areas that a skid steer can not navigate as: banks, levies, ditch and some wet areas. Another advantage is the trachoe cuts from higher in the vegetation down toward the ground and not from the ground up. This allows the operator better contol and visibility. Also more of what will be non=supported limbs and small trees from above that will become over hangers in the road or trail can be taken down. 

Protect your timberland or wildlife property with fire lanes.  The benefits of a fire lane are well beyond that of its intended nature.  After the fire is long gone and has reached its objective, the fire break is still there acting as a wild life opening, food plot, access road, and future wildfire preventer.